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Lots to entertain the Game Enthusiast at Dragon Con:
Simulators, Board Games, Card Games, LARPs, Miniatures, RPGs, and an ARCADE… 

Yup, You Heard Right… the BRIDGE SIMULATOR is back for 2018!!

Welcome back to Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator! LTEBridge.com will have a bridge set up in the Westin, Chastain C

Please note: This is a ticketed event. Advance purchase tickets available HERE

Mission Times:
Thursday7 PM to 11 PM
Friday: 11 AM thru late night 3 AM 
Saturday: 11 AM thru late night 3 AM 
Sunday: 11 AM thru late night 3 AM
Monday11 AM to 2 PM

  • Created by independent game developer Thom Robertson, Artemis turns any room into the bridge of a spaceship. Part LAN party, part LARP, and part RPG, Artemis is a teamwork experience like no other!
  • Crews of 6 to 8 players fill the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical, Communications, Science, Engineering, and (optional) Fighter pilot(s). Host staff will provide a brief overview of the game controls, then serve in an advisory role during your mission: your crew “has the bridge”. The mission success or failure is completely up to your crew!
  • Channel your inner Kirk/Picard/Janeway, Scotty/Geordi, Data/Spock… and report to our fully-functional bridge in the Westin at Chastain J. Not sure you have enough like-minded friends to join you? Stop in and sign up for an empty crew slot, and make new friends!
  • Due to expected high demand, we recommend you sign up for mission times in advance HERE
  • Though Artemis content is rated PG, we ask that players under age 15 be
    accompanied by a responsible guardian.
  • NOTE: Special effects lighting (strobes, color changes) will be in use during missions


And we have to tell you about all the ARCADE GAMES!!

We have teamed up with TWO arcade experiences. From Dance Dance Revolution to Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, join us this year to move, groove, and get your arcade on! You can find this and more in Americas Mart Building One, 2nd Floor!!


Video Game Programming

  • Has the latest and greatest from the fans and studios
  • Are you passionate about your game? Do you have a costume that you really want to show off? Why not enter the Video Game Costume Contest? It has been such a hit, it’s coming back in 2018. Show off your creativity and inspiration or come and cheer for your favorites!
  • And if great music, great costumes, and dancing the night away is on your list… join us on Thursday night for the 8-Bit Bash in the Peachtree Ballroom at the Westin (hits from the 70’s and 80’s with Throwback costumes from the era) and on Saturday night at the Heros and Villains Ball in the Peachtree Ballroom at the Westin
  • If you are a Poke’mon fan, stop by the Fan Gathering on Sunday night


Table Top Gaming brings a little “somethin’ somethin'” for the video game world too.

  • Ever wonder about Crowd Funding and how it works?
  • Interested in a woman’s perspective and how Gamer Girls Unite?

… check out what Table Top has in store


And we have to mention all the other great Game Programming… LARP, RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Miniature Games… can be found in the Americas Mart. There is no end to the gaming entertainment at #DragonCon2018!!